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Features & Benefits:
The Atturo Trail Blade M/T is a performance mud terrain tire. The Trail Blade M/T was designed to provide a strong core with excellent traction all wrapped in aggressive style. Atturo uses a specialty made segmented aluminum mold. This style of mold creates a much higher degree of uniformity throughout the tire. This reduces vibration and improves overall quality of the finished tire. For too long, quality M/T tires were overpriced. Now, Atturo provides and affordable option to keep Mud Performance Within Reach!

  • Produced with 8-10 ply construction to increase off road strength and durability. (See specs for details per size)
  • Produced with Hydrocarbon Free (Clean) Oil, meeting the EU REACH level of compliance
  • Beveled center tread blocks for biting edge grip and noise reduction
  • Staggered shoulder blocks for lateral grip in dirt, sand and snow
  • Arched and segmented stone throwers molded between shoulder treads to help eject whatever you just crushed
  • Contoured center channel of the shoulder tread aids in wet grip
  • Rim Protector provides extra protection for rims from curbs, rocks, tree branches and smaller vehicles
  • Menacing sidewall tread blocks provide deep gouging traction. Will scare children