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Features & Benefits:
The Discoverer STT PRO is Cooper’s most advanced, extreme tire to date! The Discoverer STT PRO provides exceptional traction and performance in some of the harshest terrains on Earth. The distinctive tread design and compound provide remarkable on the road performance without sacrificing off-road traction. 3-Ply Armor-Tek3, silica tread compound, aggressive 3-2 center rib design, side-biters and more, all wrapped up in Cooper’s advanced mud terrain tire. Push the Discoverer STT PRO to the limits and you’ll “discover” what your vehicle is truly capable of!

  • ARMOR-TEK3 CARCASS PROTECTION - Coopers proprietary and proven full 3-ply carcass construction in the tread and sidewall provides 50% more protection against impact damage than standard 2-ply tires. The third ply is oriented at an optimal angle to the first two plys to maximize carcass protection in extreme off-road conditions.
  • 3-2 INNER TREAD RIBS - The inner tread ribs of the Discoverer STT PRO are positioned in an alternating 3-2 pattern. This unique hybrid design provides a number of significant performance benefits like: reduced road noise, increased stability and handling, superior soft surface (trail) and mud traction, balanced wear, and reduced tendency for vehicle drift commonly experienced on fitments with aggressive off-road tires.
  • LARGE DEPTH SIDE BITERS - The Discoverer STT PRO features large, specially-designed cleats of rubber (side biters) on the shoulder area of the sidewall, to enhance traction and grip in muddy or soft terrains and in rock crawling situations where maximum grip is essential. The orientation and design of these cleats promotes traction on inclines, reducing the chances of tire side-slip.
  • FLEX GROOVE - The flex groove is a small, circumferential groove in the buttress region that generates a designed flex point in the tire. This ability to flex in a predetermined location provides a smoother ride by helping to dampen the impact generated by inconsistencies in pavement, potholes and gravel. In tough off-road situations where tires are sometimes aired down, this groove allows the tread and side biter to better conform and work together when traversing irregular, tough obstacles.
  • ALTERNATING MUD SCOOP AND ASYMMETRICAL SCALLOP - The asymmetrical scallops on alternating lugs direct mud into the mud scoops to allow the Discoverer STT PRO to pull through muddy terrains with ease. These scoops act as shovels to consistently dig in as the tire rotates. Scoop by scoop the Discoverer STT PRO digs in and will confidently pull your vehicle through the toughest situations.
  • MUD-FLEX DESIGN - The mud-flex design is where the outside shoulder and intermediate tread ribs are strategically coupled together along their face. This connection creates a continuous cleating feature that assists the Discoverer STT PRO in digging through muddy terrain. The back side of this face is ramped to allow the tread blocks to work independently which provides better stability and tread conformity in less aggressive situations.