Features & Benefits:
The Road Venture MT KL71 is a race proven, ground pounding mud slinging off-road tire with surprisingly good on-road manners. The Kumho MT is an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts or individuals that require a high traction tire for their work environment. The extra deep cut-and-chip resistant directional compound will withstand the most brutal of environments while the tread deign is engineered to promote self cleaning. The size offerings range from flotation sizes for the lifted vehicles to LT-metric sizes in load ranges C, D and E for the applications that require extra load-carrying capacity.

  • Durable cut-and-chip resistant tread endures the most demanding environments.
  • Dual compound tread prevents heat buildup, and blocks out impact and noise from the road surface.
  • High tensile full-width steel belts and jointless cap plies enhance durability and reduce noise.
  • Dual body plies reduce the stress of on-and-off-road use.
  • Dual pitch, off-center staggered tread blocks reduce road harmonics and increase climbing ability and off-road traction.
  • Shoulder tread area features stone ejectors to prevent stone drilling. The stone ejectors also promote self-cleaning in a mud environment.
  • Phenomenal cosmetic appearance.


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