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Features & Benefits:
The Radar Dimax AS 8 is a premium all-season sport-touring tire specially designed for driver who wants confidence on the road. Ideal for high performance cars and SUVs, the Radar Dimax AS 8 features a sleek style that adds appeal to your car. It has an asymmetric tread pattern molded with an optimized tread compound which allows it to have great traction and exceptional mileage.

The lateral grooves enhance its traction even more while letting it wear evenly so it doesn™t experience premature damage. To help it perform during winter conditions are the lateral sipes which improve the tire™s traction through roads that are covered in snow and slush.

The Radar Dimax AS 8 is available in 79 sizes, has a UTQG rating of up to 600 AA, and is available in 50,000 to 60,000 warranties. It will be available for rim sizes between 16 to 24 inches.

  • Exceptional mileage and traction with its tread compound molded into the asymmetric tread pattern
  • Lateral grooves for draining water efficiently while enhancing traction on wet road surfaces
  • Evenly distributes pressure throughout the tires so it wears evenly and lasts longer