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Features & Benefits:
The Radar Renegade A/T 5 is an all-terrain tire specially designed for drivers who are looking for aggressive looks, superior traction, and durability. It was made to withstand the toughest of terrains making it a fast favorite among off the road drivers. The Radar Renegade A/T 5 features an innovative stone ejector to keep the stones from getting stuck in between the tread. The raised serration between the tread blocks deform as the tire rotates to release stones. This helps you maintain traction on off-the-road terrains while preventing premature damage. Ideal for SUVs and light trucks, the Radar Renegade A/T 5 does very good on the road as well with its aggressive tread pattern and sidewall. It can perform in a variety of road conditions whether itâ„¢s muddy, snow, dirt, or heat all while maintaining a quiet and stable ride. The Radar Renegade A/T 5 is covered by a 40,000-mile warranty with a UTQG of 500 AA.

  • 3 body ply construction and wide center tread block for improved stability, handling, and treadwear
  • Superior traction on all road conditions including dirt, mud, and snow
  • Aggressive look which adds overall appeal to your car